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Love Post

A letter from my love life – The night I fell in Love

I met her at a restaurant happy hour on a rainy and gloomy day. I was catching the bus home from my challenging but fulfilling job as a job coach working with adults with disabilities. I had to travel train my client and make sure my client made it home just when the rain started. I found a Chili’s near the bus stop and stumbled into a happy hour with free buffalo wings. I was already feeling good but I was afraid that they were going to force me to buy alcoholic drinks and at that time I wasn’t a big drinker. I ordered a fuzzy naval because I heard they were not strong. My waitress appeared to have an attitude problem and didn’t seem to want to be working and at that time in my life I matched or doubled down on the attitude of anybody who gave it to me. I was tired cold and spending bill money on this unexpected outing. If looks could kill I would have gunned her down in the street of dodge city. Before I could verbalized my feelings for my waitress a beautiful woman a little older than I was must of sensed the tent ion and asked me if it was okay if she took care of me now. She had the most beautiful smile and it took me a moment to get out of an adversarial mood to realize that she came to my rescue. I was about to become rude with her because I thought she was taking up for her mean and inappropriate coworker. She said you know they just put some fresh wings out and I brought you a few. I’m sorry most of them are flats because that is my favorite part of the wing. I joked and said see women think it’s all about them but secretly I was like how did she know the flats are my favorite too. She smiled and said they free you better take what I give you and I said truuueeee….. And we both laughed. She said I know you are just in here because its raining and I was like dam busted but she cleaned it up by saying because I have never seen you in here before because I would have remembered you handsome.

Drinks were only three dollars but I felt myself rapidly reaching my budget of six dollars. I was on a fixed income living in my family home by myself trying to pay all the bills with a part time job and a full time college course load. It was one of those transitional moments that can make or break you. Everything in me was telling me to get the check get on the bus and go home but something deep on the inside told me to stay and see about this woman that was working hard but carried herself like she owned the place. So of course before I could move my feet what do a man have to do to get another drink came out my mouth. She said really my dude you have been sipping so slow on that orange juice I that it had a baby nipple on it. I said ha ha Joan Rivers give me another she said don’t hurt yourself. Now I’m on my third fuzzy navel and I am feeling it. I said for real beautiful what’s your story I know it is more to you than those? She said are you judging me? I said no never I’m  admiring you. I just got off my job and I and so happy but you are working and happy and prancing around her like you own the place. She said how do you know I don’t own it. In my head I was like if she own this place I am leaving here with my tail between my legs but I played it off like good the drinks are on the house. We laughed and she said naw my dreams rise high above being a bar owner. I am working on my MBA and this is just one of my jobs. I’m happily single and focused on a life beyond my current circumstances. I said you are really conceded and she said know I am confident now take your lil orange juice and chill. While she was waiting on other tables My mind was racing trying to figure out how to continue this discussion on the level that it is. It was a weird pressure not to mess this up that I never had with a female. She saved me by saying ok you asked me more questions than the IRS what’s your story. Suddenly I was in the hot chair and I said that I am in college and working like you. I’m single and I will be graduating with my economics degree in two months. I wanted to own a bar but you spoil those plans, we laughed and she left again.

Then she went and did it she brought me another drink and I said what are you doing trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me and she said I don’t have to get you drunk to take advantage of you. I smiled, but on the inside I was panicking because it was 7:20 and happy hour was over at 7. I had $20 on me in cash and I know my bill was $16 or $17 something with tax. I pride myself on knowing that it ain’t no future in frontin. I asked her what time do you get off and she said midnight why are you a stalker ha ha ha. I just wanted to know just in case you needed me to carry your books home from school college girl. She said I like you um what’s your name again. Shane and yours queen, my name is Sasha. Well Ms. Sasha can I get your math? Huh, your number okay that’s a first she has this cute under tone of sarcasm that was beautifully hers. She said give me yours playboy and I will call you. In my mind I was like dam she played me I will never hear from her. I asked for my bill and it was $18.46 I wanted to complain but I didn’t want to look like a loser. I left the entire $20 to include a tip. I waved by to Sasha and flashed that sexy smile and winked goodbye. I walked a few blocks down the street to get on the bus stop.

The bus came and I tried to use my card and it said insufficient funds I told the bus driver to try again but it was not enough for the fare. I had to get off the bus I started to walk because I was embarrassed by the people on the busses stares and the frustration the bus driver was displaying. I was clear across town but have not been a stranger to walking when I had to. I was angry and asking myself how can I be so stupid and realizing I used the money on my metro card to pay my clients way to and from work. I knew I was going to be reimbursed but I needed that money now. After I established a brisk pace I started thinking about Sasha and started replaying the entire night in my head. The emotions and feelings were coming back as if I was in the moment. A man knows how he needs to be interacted with and talked to. A good woman knows how to talk to, touch, and connect to her man. Sasha had the full package and it began more and more evident as I thought about our encounter. When I snapped out of this trance like state I was in I was more than halfway home and my cell phone rang. It was Sasha I was so excited I had to pause for a long time, all I heard was hello, hello, hello, Shane. Hey you, was the coolest thing I could fester at that time. She said I had a break and I had to call because I can’t stop thinking of you. I said really I can’t lie you have been on my mind too. I thought you pulled the old give me your never and never call trick. She said truthfully I didn’t plan on calling because I don’t need any distractions or complications in my life right now but it is something about you. Well, I’m glad that you called because I would always had wondered what if. We talked about everything in a fifteen minute call that again felt like an out of body experience. We agreed to a date on Saturday before we got of the phone. I was too blocks from my house and I had the cheapest phone plan with 50 minutes and free night and  weekends. If I would have caught the bus my phone would have been off and I would have missed her call. Wow, I wasn’t looking for a serious relationship or any relationship but I found the love of my life. She was perfect not in the without flaws way but perfect for me. We mentally spiritually and physically intertwined for ever. The night I fell in Love.

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