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MAPS Fundraiser Weekend

MAPS Fundraiser Weekend

The MAPS Scholarship Fund was developed by Al Parker and his family to honor their mother and matriarch (Marilyn A. Parker) by raising money to award scholarships for high school students going to college. They host several community fundraisers throughout the year to raise money but their big fundraising is held in July in Buffalo New York.  It consist of small businesses and community organizations that come together to compete in basketball games, drill and cheerleading competition to have fun and entertain the many fundraiser supporters. This year the committee wanted to make this an entire weekend event and added two parties to the festivities. On Friday it is an All White party hosted by Dennis Wilson at Riverworks from 9pm-until. On Saturday it will be a MAPS old school after party held at the Tralf hosted by Crow Johnson. Please come out to support this amazing weekend and party for a great cause…..


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  1. It’s about to go down for updates and interviewsee go wdap radio on!


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