To develop an organization of like-minded individuals whose systems and skills are used to create and support thriving and self sufficient communities.


To create an on-line community that will act as the resource center for individuals and groups looking to uplift our community.

  1. Assessments for each micro community to establish areas of need to be addressed in order to improve the quality of life for the majority of its members. We would then prioritize the list from most essential to least essential.We will create a computer program that will do this by taking documented statistical data and matching it to healthy and prosperous communities.
  2. Educate members in the areas of communication skills, parenting skills, and employment skills. We will provide on-line training and in-person training courses.
  3. Create a opportunities for communities to speak with elected and other government officials.  We will develop an open dialogue with individuals that have been elected by citizens to serve the government that are in control of the services that are guaranteed to all tax payers through their tax revenues rendered.
  4. Put the social back into social media. Though we will be connected through technology we will still host social events that will be for the members of the organization that will allow humans to interact with other humans at socially preferred events. We will bring parties, concerts, bowling, networking events, 5k walk/runs etc.
  5. We will develop revenue building infrastructure to these communities that will provide goods and services that will uplift the community while employing community members. ( build, maintain, and efficiently operate business that will circulate revenue within the community.
  6. Develop a customer service system that will educate our members on what to expect from businesses where we spend our money, provide services, or solicit our involvement. We let our consumers know what they should expect when shopping, teach them the vocabulary they need to use to interact with businesses when they are pleased and displeased with goods or services, and we will communicate with particular businesses that will like to be approved customer service partners.
  7. Develop a line of communication with government officials and agencies that work to secure, maintain, and provide services that assist citizens in our communities. This will happen through creating a vast membership of like minded individuals that benefit from the economic, social, political, and spiritual connections that we share throughout the organization.

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