MAPS Fundraiser Weekend

The MAPS Scholarship Fund was developed by Al Parker and his family to honor their mother and matriarch (Marilyn A. Parker) by raising money to award scholarships for high school students going to college. They host several community fundraisers throughout the year to raise money but their big fundraising is held in July in Buffalo New York.  It consist of small businesses and community organizations that come together to compete in basketball games, drill and cheerleading competition to have fun and entertain the many fundraiser supporters. This year the committee wanted to make this an entire weekend event and added two parties to the festivities. On Friday it is an All White party hosted by Dennis Wilson at Riverworks from 9pm-until. On Saturday it will be a MAPS old school after party ...

We Must become Financially Literate

We live in a capitalistic society. America is the super power and the world follows its financial system. It’s driven by money and how much money you have depends on the amount of money you have. There are only a few exceptions to this rule but the percentage of people in this category is a minute percentage like areas with oil, diamonds, or other rare natural resources needed for people to live a certain how level of lifestyle. Others exceptions are those creative people that come up with invention that change or revolutionize the way people live and can protect their invention from corporate thievery. The real wealth is among those who have controlled or maintained the wealth that was in their family for years. It has always been a fact that you have to have money to make money. Ag...

The Energy Bus

Connection: Synergy- this book is thin an easy read but it teaches you the importance of leadership and connection to others to accomplish goals. Book Title: The Energy Bus Author: Jon Gordon For More Information, go to the official website

Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now

Song Information Title: Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now By: McFadden & Whitehead Released: 1979

Love Post

A letter from my love life – The night I fell in Love I met her at a restaurant happy hour on a rainy and gloomy day. I was catching the bus home from my challenging but fulfilling job as a job coach working with adults with disabilities. I had to travel train my client and make sure my client made it home just when the rain started. I found a Chili’s near the bus stop and stumbled into a happy hour with free buffalo wings. I was already feeling good but I was afraid that they were going to force me to buy alcoholic drinks and at that time I wasn’t a big drinker. I ordered a fuzzy naval because I heard they were not strong. My waitress appeared to have an attitude problem and didn’t seem to want to be working and at that time in my life I matched or doubled down on ...

My 1st Letter to Our Members

I birthed this idea 18 years ago and I have been feeding and keeping it so close and dear to my heart. I have been over protective and discouraged by people who didn’t see or understand the vision. This dream came to me out of necessity and a love of interacting with people. I was born in a community where it’s members looked out for each other. I moved to a community where everyone had learned to mind their own business and handle their own responsibilities. I tried to wave and speak the way I was accustomed in my previous community. It was very discouraging not to receive that wave back.  After living in Maryland for six months, I understood that people were so focused on just getting through their busy day to get back home. I followed suit until one day my 4 year old son was...

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