Shane Johnson

I have educated young people for 20 years and spent 3 years as a school administrator because something came alive in me when I substitute taught a class of students with special needs. I was able to see in them with few did, capable young people that was in desperate need of someone who seen what they did possess instead of what they did not possess. I withstood many patronizing conversations with professionals that felt like I was wasting my talent and abilities on children that would probably not even remember what I had done for them and on top of that get paid a low salary to do it. It was okay for me because I never took the easy way or the predicted path. I follow my heart and my gut and like a farmer planting seeds. You toss them everywhere and rest a sure in the fact that young people just like fertile soil.

My family has been my glue and constant reason to be a stand up man of integrity and principles. My wife of twenty years have been my Chief operating officer and she handled the day to day rigor of our family like a 5 star general with a brand of love that could only be heaven sent. My son was the change I needed to become a real man. The responsibility and purpose that he brought to my life forever changed me. I call him T wife because I vowed to do everything in my power to make at least two times better than I was. He played division one athletics and earned his masters in 5 years and better than that he did it being one of the kindest and loving people I have ever met. My daughter is daddy’s baby. The excuse I needed to spoil a women with unfiltered love and devotion. She was the trailblazer that was born to do thing her way and every time you doubt her ability she blazed a new way. My children are continuing to find their own way and encouraging me to follow my dreams of creating a new normal in society’s social media world. My wife have been less patient with me she felt like I should have started this years ago. She is my dreamer and I am the practical concrete thinker with a vision.

I earned my undergraduate degree in economics from Buffalo State college in 1991. I loved business and the economy and how it worked. There were not too many opportunities in my field in Buffalo New York at that time so I went back to Buffalo State college and earned a Master’s of Science in Exceptional Education. During my time in college I played varsity basketball for for years and earned several accolades for tenure their. The greatest accomplishment of them all was my teammates recognizing my leadership skills and voting my captain my junior and senior years. This meant so much because I played with a diverse bunch of young men. Team sports taught me the importance of the power of likeminded and how they can accomplish anything together. I was voted into the Athletic Hall of Fame at Buffalo State college in 2000.

I have been a member of two polar opposite communities in my lifetime. The east side of Buffalo New York which was blue collar and very segregated and Fort Washington which was a diverse community in the suburbs of our nations capital. I learned lessons living in each community but what what really have stuck with me is that change didn’t happen in either place without members of the community standing up and fighting for change. I am not with fighting for something that should be given freely but the only way we can have the change or be the change we want is through a huge membership of people willing to stand up for what they believe in. I want to facilitate this vision and share it with communities all over the world starting with the ones that I started in.


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