Why F2F

We are obligated to serve others with our passion (natural gifts) and our time. Our legacy is what we leave to others not what things we accumulate in the short  60 to 90 years we are on this earth. It takes a life time to learn and we need to share our wisdom (knowledge) with each other.
We need to uplift the elders (60-100 yrs young) in our community and our youth (1 month to 20 something) they depend on the strength of the middle age (25-59 year olds). We have a lot to learn from all three groups but the elders and youth are physically vulnerable. There are exceptions to this rule but some industries prey on the needs we have when we are young and unaware. In this modern society elders are seen as past there prime and not as useful as they were in their prime. I believe we have some much to learn from our elders and our youth. We need to utilize these resources instead of ignoring the obvious advantages.
I know so many retirees that are full of wisdom and passionate about sharing their gifts that want to give back to people in need. There is not opportunities for them to share their knowledge other and their voice be valued. In earlier civilizations nothing major was attempted or accomplished without the counsel of the elders. We live in a capitalistic society so our elders should be considered valuable resources and put in positions to receive positive praise and a voice that we take heed to. I worked we an amazing teacher that I know had at least 10 more years of effective teaching in her future that felt so unappreciative and under valued that she decided to retire. I felt like what was done to her could and will be done to me in the future. As I journey around our country and abroad I see so much opportunity for her to share her skills and knowledge with the youth and young adults. This is social economics 101 supply and demand. Our education system need a more comprehensive model to educate our youth. We need to educate within our communities. After talking with her and sharing the vision of F2F social she was willing to share her wisdom and passion with other members of F2F social. She is not the only one, I have talked to other retired individuals with many different expertise that was willing to do the same. Imagine the network of knowledge and skill working together to uplift each other.
I work with the young people everyday. They too have so much to offer and they tend to come with an energy toward life that the young adults and the elders can learn from. They stroll through life with a fearless unfiltered passion. We need to learn to train them to be able to harness and keep this fearless energy towards living. Let’s create a new generation of young people that will think outside the box and live life with passion and creativity. I talked about earlier civilizations and they use to train there children early with specialized skills (.i.e. To be great in their natural born areas of skill. I would love to provide opportunities for young people to learn non traditional business skills with the opportunity to work at businesses we own in the communities so they can earn work experience in their youth including opportunity to manage these business.
If you are between the ages of 25-59 know that the youth can’t wait to be your age to enjoy the freedom that a career would bring and the elders wish they can go back to have hindsight which is often 20/20. The truth of the matter is so many people in this age group are so intrenched in their own personal, religious, family, and financial goals that they are too busy to focus on others needs. BUT if this goal is adopted by all our members to always cherish, respect and learn from our elders and youth we will maintain strong and self sustaining communities forever. We will meet the needs of the youth helping them transition into adulthood strong and prepared. We will assure that our elderly population will live a prosperous latter years of their lives safe, loved, respected and valued. The young adults will transition into their elder years with confidence of living a full and purpose filled life of love, peace, and joy.

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